Zeus Ipurosu
Zeus Iriopourosu

ゼウス イリオポウロス


Zeusu Iriopourosu





High School

1st year

Foreign U-17 Camp

Greece U-17

Manga Debut

Golden Age 188

Lord Zeus
— Zeus being addressed


Zeus Iriopourosu is the 1st year captain of the Greek U-17 team. 1st year though he may be, he has more than enough presence to be the team captain, as he is trusted even by his senior teammates. Every word from his mouth expresses something of deep importance and is treated as such.


He is very young looking Greek player with the same curly hair as his other teammates.


He has a commanding presence. Despite being only a first year high schooler, his teammates greatly respect him. Even Shiraishi was unsure whether he could defeat him or not. Shiraishi was so flustered at Zeus standing in front of him. Tanegashima saved Shiraishi's frozen state by taking on Zeus himself.

He does accept his losses graciously. He shook hands with Tanegashima with a smile when he lost.


Group League

He appears after the first Greek doubles team, Papadopoulos Evangelos and Thalatta Heracles, lose their match.

He is scheduled to play against Kuranosuke Shiraishi in singles 3 of the Group League round robin matches.

However, Tanegashima decides to step in for Shiraishi. Zeus quickly wins 5 games until Tanegashima started playing randomly and wins 7 games in a row.

Playing Styles & Techniques

Despite being a first year, he is seen to be equal to Tanegashima, the No.2 of Japan, who is also two years older than him. He quickly won 5 games straight. He lost against Tanegashima when Tanegashima started playing randomly.

Despite being a first year high schooler, he already has an impressive aura, as noted by Tanegashima. Zeus can control the pace of the match completely and make it look like he is losing rallies when in fact he is taking all the points.

Tennis Record

Group League

Type of Match Position Opponent Score
vs Japan Singles 3 Shūji Tanegashima Lost 5-7


  • I'll be your opponent.
  • Since you volunteered to become my opponent of your own free will, you must be quite valorous.
  • Oho. You're quite skilled.
  • Like that, not even the person hitting the ball knows where it'll end up.
  • I was completely fooled...I must commend you for your performance.


  • His name comes from the famous Greek God Zeus.
  • He is the first 1st year high school captain introduced.
    • He is the second overall, as Kentarō Aoi is the first 1st year captain, however, he is a middle schooler.
  • He is the first European 1st year high schooler introduced.


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