Zero Shiki Serve
Shot Type
  • Tezuka hitting what looks to be a normal serve
  • Ball rolling back to the net

The Zero Shiki Serve is a variation of the Zero-Shiki Drop Shot, it's a serve that, instead of bouncing, it rolls back to the net just like the Zero-Shiki Drop Shot, due to its incredible spin. This does not give the opponent the chance to even touch the ball. Similar to the Tezuka Phantom, the amount of spin used to execute this technique puts a heavy burden on the arm, and can injure his arm if it was to be used consecutively.

It can be assumed that it is a more advanced version of the Drop Shot because it took Niou until the match against the Top 10 1st stringers at the U-17 camp to perform it while as he could not during his match against Fuji at the National Finals.

Ways to Counter ItEdit

  • This technique was broken once, even though it seemed impossible, by Sanada Genichirō in the manga. Sanada is able to use KaRinRai to weaken the spin on the ball, raise the ball from the ground, and allow it to go over the net, successfully defeating the serve.
  • Juzaburō Mōri was able to successfully return the serve upon his second time seeing it. He was able to do so by hitting the ball with the frame of his racket once it makes contact with the ground in such a way that it is returned over the net.


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