Zero Shiki Drop
Shot Type
Drop Shot/Volley
  • First a standard drop shot.
  • Instead of bouncing however, the ball's tremendous backspin is put in motion.
  • Zero Shiki Drop as the ball roll towards the net.

A high-level backspin drop shot that, once it touches the ground, it rolls back to the net due to the amount of backspin added instead of bouncing, making it impossible to return once it makes contact with the ground. One notable difference between the anime and the manga versions is that, in the anime, Tezuka can perform the Zero-Shiki only with the backhand, while in the manga, he can hit it with both the forehand and the backhand.

The move however requires great skill to perform, and it needs to be used by a player who has mastered both backhands and drop shots as noted by Inui Sadaharu as he tells Echizen Ryoma it is very obvious when he will use the move. Since the posture for the move is extremely obivous that it will be a drop shot, however Tezuka Kunimitsu can hide his drop shots making the move impossible to predict.

The Zero-Shiki Drop is one of Tezuka's most reknowned moves, being one of the reasons for why he is considered a National-leveled tennis player.



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