Results of Character You Want to Make Your Younger Brother Poll (Pairpuri 2):Edit

Place Character Votes
1st Kirihara Akaya (Rikkai) 1239
2nd Ryoma Echizen (Seigaku) 732
3rd Toyama Kintaro (Shitenhoji) 453
4th Akutagawa Jiro (Hyotei) 375
5th Shishido Ryo (Hyotei) 318
6th Otori Chotaro (Hyotei) 270
7th Marui Bunta (Rikkai) 168
8th Kamio Akira (Fudomine) 156
9th Dan Taichi (Yamabuki) 147
9th Fuji Yuta (St. Rudolph) 147

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