Taira yoshiyuki
Yoshiyuki Taira



Taira Yoshiyuki


Smiiling Sharp Shooter
Legendary Captains of Shitenhōji






185 cm


76 kg


July 20



Eyesight (Unaided)

1.2 (both eyes)

Blood Type



Younger Brother

High School

(2nd Year)

Junior High

Shitenhōji (OB)

Club Position

Captain (Middle School)
Regular (Middle School)

Japan U-17 Camp

No.18 of All Japan Representative (Former)
Court 2 (?)

Dominant Arm


Play Style

Aggressive Baseliner

Doubles Partner(s)

Hara Tetsuya


Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200


Mizuno Wave Sensation EX

Manga Debut

Golden Age 52

Anime Debut

New Prince of Tennis Special 3

Voice Actor

Yoshiyuki Hirai

Taira Yoshiyuki was introduced as Junior All-Japan No.18 Representative and has the nickname Smiling Sharp Shooter.


Taira Yoshiyuki is a 2nd Year High Schooler and also an U-17 Camp Representative Candidate for Japan. He went to middle school at Shitenhoji and was the Captain of the Tennis Club during Shiraishi Kuranosuke and Hitoji Yuuji 's freshman year. He always plays tennis while wearing a cap. He is somewhat unserious on the court as he as a habit of pulling funny faces on the court while playing hence the nickname. He along with Hara Tetsuya are known as the Legendary Captains of Shitenhoji. He tends to also make jokes while playing.


Taira wears a fitted Khaki Camouflage cap and is tall.


He is somewhat unserious on the court as he as a habit of pulling funny faces on the court while playing hence the nickname of the Smiling Sharpshooter. Taira has a tendency to make joke whilst playing.


Two Years Prior To The StorylineEdit

Taira was the captain of the Shitenhoji Tennis club whilst Shiraishi and Kenya were first years.

One Year Prior To The StorylineEdit

In the anime, Taira arrives humorously to comfort the Shitenhōji Middle School team them after they went out of the National Tournament in the Semifinals after losing to Rikkai Dai.

U-17 CampEdit

U-17 Camp RevolutionEdit

  • Tetsuya & Taira appeared
  • The Smiling Sharp Shooter
  • Taira about to use Bakyuun
  • The Bakyuun

Taira's introduction to the story reveals he gained the rank of Japan's No.18 U-17 player during the time he graduated from Shitenhoji. He is introduced as a member of the 1st Stringers. He is first seen standing with his former Shitenhoji teammate Hara Tetsuya who is introduced as the No.19 of U-17 Japan after the two of them had just crushed two other 2nd Stringers in a Doubles match. Immediately afterwards they are met at the Court by another former Shitenhoji teammate Oshitari Kenya where the three of them have almost a short reunion which is somewhat ruined by Momoshiro Takeshi's arrival.

Oshitari Kenya and Momoshiro Takeshi then challenge Taira and Hara to a Doubles match. Taira accepts the match and both he and Hara play the match rather jokingly but dominate nonetheless. Taira and Hara dominate with their Bakyuun and Moukohan respectively. Until Momoshiro finally unleashes Black Jack Knife against them. Taira and Hara appear to be stunned by the move and are unable to overcome it. As a result, they lose their titles as 1st Stringers.

Tennis RecordEdit

U-17 Camp Results

Type of Match Partner Opponent(s) Score
Foreign Expedition Group Challenge Hara Tetsuya Yoshimasa Handa/Miyamoto Presumed 6-0
Foreign Expedition Group Challenge Hara Tetsuya Momoshiro Takeshi /Oshitari Kenya Lost (Unknown)

Playing Style and TechniquesEdit


A strong, direct shot that Taira uses in his match against Momoshiro Takeshi and Oshitari Kenya. It is so strong that broke in an instant their racket guts. As a result, the path of this shot is direct yet difficult to return.

U-17 Camp StatsEdit

Speed - 4: In order to hit his special shot, "Bakyuun," He for sure has a fast swing speed with good timing.

Power - 4: The power of his shots launched from his strong arms is plenty. He is currently undergoing special training to bring that power into his serve as well.

Stamina - 3: He brazenly rarely changes his facial expression and as a result, his opponents can't tell when he is getting tired. He doesn't have very flashy movements and has a pinpoint deciding shot.

Mental - 5: He has the guts to keep continuing calmly even when bombing his Boke. It seems it was that mental strength that made him a legend at Shitenhouji Junior High.

Technique - 4: He has even more varieties of Boke than he does Tennis techniques. SHouldn't he he really add more techniques into his tennis arsenal!?

Kurobe Memo: It seems to be effective, so he continues his tactics of barraging his opponents with Boke routines in order to distrub their mental. He once engaged in a 100 continuous duel with Amane of Boke Vs. Puns, however I deemed the results of that report to be unneeded.

Personal InformationEdit

  • Hobbies: Part Time Job (Takoyaki Shop) - Practicing his Boke act
  • Committee: Treasure Hunting Commitee
  • Favorite Color: Green (Camoflauge Pattern)
  • Favorite Food: Takoyaki
  • Thing he wants most: Comedy DVD
  • Thing you're bad at: Uninteresting People
  • Specialty outside of tennis: Manzai


Character TriviaEdit

  • He scouted out a Takoyaki shop to start working part time at that he's always passed by since he was a kid.
  • He once performed at a local event with his little brother as a Manzai act; They won.

Other TriviaEdit

  • He is the first character shown to wear a Stretchfit Baseball cap while playing where as other caps worn in the series by other players have all been shown to be Adjustable caps.

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