It is Chapters 341-344, Volume 39. The anime equivalent is episode 20 of the OVA National Tournament, which was originally aired on April 25, 2008 and titled Prince of Yakiniku/BBQ.


After the Semi-Finals, Seishun Gakuen's tennis regulars are treated to a Yakiniku celebration party by their coach Ryuzaki Sumire. Hyoutei Gakuen, Shitenhouji, Higa Chuu, and Rokkaku Chuu later appear, and crash the party. Here, Eiji jumps to host a Yakiniku eating along with Oshitari Yuushi from Hyotei. The rules for the competition were that the teams had an hour to eat as many plates they can, and that every ten plates one member from each team must drink an Inui Juice. Along with the comedies of Inui's pants getting pulled off by Tezuka and heaps of bodies of players from said schools, the players end the night with a ¥1,274,960 bill. The All-You-Can-Eat Intra-School Yakiniku competition took place at Nikunikuen (Nikubiku Garden).


  • Seishun Gakuen — 5? plates
  • Hyoutei Gakuen — 70 plates
  • Rokkaku Chuu — 5? plates
  • Shitenhouji — 5? plates
  • Higa Chuu — 60 plates


Seishun GakuenEdit

Hyoutei GakuenEdit


Rokkaku ChuuEdit

Higa ChuuEdit

Note: ** means they were out of the competition by a non-Inui Juice related incident

Note: * means they were out of the competition by Inui Juice

Inui JuiceEdit

  1. Inui's Special Vegetable Juice
  2. Penal Tea
  3. Aozu
  4. Iwashi Mizu
  • Koura (Cola)
  • KoOHiI (Coffee) — Hyoutei's 60 plates mark
  • 2 Unknown

Note: After Iwashi Mizu, the order of the drinks become non-specific and random as Shitenhouji, Seishun Gakuen, and Rokkaku Chuu drank Koura for finishing their first 50 plates while Hyoutei Gakuen drank it for finishing 70 plates.

Known Drink ServersEdit



  • Inui's Special Vegetable Juice
    • Shudou Satoshi*
    • Mukahi Gakuto*
    • Chitose Senri*
    • Fuji Shuusuke
    • Tanishi Kei
  • Penal Tea
    • Shishidou Ryou*
    • Hitouji Yuuji*
    • Saeki Koujirou*
    • Fuji Shuusuke
    • Tanishi Kei
  • Aozu
    • Fuji Shuusuke*
    • Hiyoshi Wakashi*
    • Itsuki Marehiko*
    • Tooyama Kintaro
    • Tanishi Kei
  • Iwashi Mizu
    • Akutagawa Jirou*
    • Aoi Kentarou*
    • Tanishi Kei
    • Tooyama Kintaro
    • Inui Sadaharu
  • Koura
    • Echizen Ryoma*
    • Kabaji Munehiro*
    • Kurobane Harukaze
    • Shirashi Kuranosuke
    • Tanishi Kei (Unknown)
  • KoOHii
    • Atobe Keigo

Note: * means that the drink knocked them out of the competition

Order of DropoutEdit

  1. Shudou Satoshi
  2. Mukahi Gakuto
  3. Chitose Senri
  4. Shishido Ryou
  5. Hitouji Yuuji
  6. Fuji Shuusuke
  7. Saeki Koujirou
  8. Hiyoshi Wakashi
  9. Akutagawa Jirou
  10. Oshitari Kenya
  11. Oishi Shuuichirou
  12. Momoshiro Takeshi
  13. Itsuki Marehiko
  14. Ishida Gin
  15. Aoi Kentarou
  16. Kite Eishirou
  17. Kai Yuujirou
  18. Chinen Hiroshi
  19. Tanishi Kei
  20. Hirakoba Rin
  21. Shiranui Tomoya
  22. Inui Sadaharu
  23. Kabaji Munehiro
  24. Echizen Ryoma

Anime DifferencesEdit


  • Despite draining a cup of Koura Shirashi Kuranosuke was the only competitor to not eat any meat.
  • Oshitari Kenya dropped out of the competition before 26 plates without a given reason.
  • Koura and KoOHiI were introduced in the series for the first time.

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