The Prince of Tennis
Season 5, Episode 121
Episode 121
Air date
February 18, 2004
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Yagyuu's Decision is the 121st episode of the original Prince of Tennis series. It was first aired on February 18, 2004.


Things don't look good at all for the Golden Pair. Their teamwork is faltering with them arguing with each other. Oishi keeps warning Eiji not to be reckless, but other is too frustrated with himself to listen. Finally, after Oishi ends up saving Eiji from a ball coming right towards his face, acrobat is able to remember the player he is. Eiji returns to his usual self and they can now play without panic.

Their teamwork is exceptional in the second half and it even seems as if their bond was strengthened because of the difficult first part of the match. They play with concentration and vigor, but after Yagyū takes control and plays the Golden Pair practically by himself, Seigaku ends up losing 6 games to 4. Oishi isn't upset with Eiji at all, which changed aftermatch into an emotional Golden Pair moment.


  • This scenario only exists in the anime. The match between Yagyuu Hiroshi and Niou Masaharu VS Oishi Shuichiro and Kikumaru Eiji is completely different in the manga as Yagyuu/Niou perform a "Switch" as they reveal they had been impersonating each other for 6 entire games, playing with their non-dominant hands. This completely has the Golden Pair completely shocked. Hitting them hard mentally.
  • Also, the way the second part of the game is played slightly differ from the original, as in the manga, Golden Pair introduce their newest formation-'Oishi's Territory'- with Oishi and Eiji switching their positions in the middle of the rally, causing them to make a great comeback, despite the final score being the same.
  • The golf swing is an anime-only move, as in the manga Yagyuu uses 'Laser Beam' to win the match with Niou copying his partner's move.