• Atobe using World of Ice against Echizen.
  • Echizen caught in Atobe's World of Ice.
  • Atobe placing a random High Schooler in World of Ice.

This is an advanced level technique of Insight. Where the play uses an ultra-agressive tennis form. All tennis players possess one if not more blind spots from any given position. This technique is capable when the users Insight is to such a level to a point where he is able to clearly discern these spots and is able hit balls with pinpoint accuracy and timing at these blind spots.

Ways to Counter ItEdit

  • During the match between Atobe and Echizen Ryoma, Ryoma emulated an incomplete version of his father's Samurai Zone through instinct and took control of the game. Atobe's World of Ice was weakened because the spins allowed by Ryoma's emulation of the Samurai Zone caused Atobe's pinpoint returns to veer off course and out of Ryoma's blind spots.
  • If the opponents level of Insight is higher, then the blindspots are destroyed. As shown in Atobe's match against Irie Kanata, when Irie uses World of Ice against him.



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