The Prince of Tennis
Season 6, Episode 130
Prince in germany
Air date
April 21, 2004
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We Want To See Tezuka! is episode 130th of the original Prince of Tennis Series.


The team visits Tezuka in Germany. Tezuka brings them around the city; however, some of them got split up. Ryoma ends up playing a match with a lady that turns out to be Tezuka's trainer.


Seigaku heads to Munich, Germany to visit Tezuka! After the Kanto Finals they deserve a vacation and visiting Tezuka is their reward. It's a pleasant reunion and right away Seigaku heads around the town to look at the to tourist attractions. But with everyone focused on beautiful Europe Kaidoh, Momo, Inui, and Ryoma get lost.

Kaidoh is all alone trying to speak Japanese to Germans but Momo, Inui, and Ryoma are together meeting a drunk women who has a serious problem with cocky juniour high tennis players. She brings Ryoma to a tennis court so that she can teach him a lesson and she shocks him with a high power and speed serve right away. She's no ordinary drunk lady.