230px-Prince of Tennis Volume 01

Prince of Tennis Manga Volume 1 Cover

The first volume of the Prince of Tennis series, Echizen Ryoma returns to his homeland after winning 4 consecutive tournaments to compete for a 16-year old tournament and enter Seishun Gakuen.

This is the first volume of the Prince of Tennis manga series.

List of ChaptersEdit

Game ResultsEdit

W: Win
L: Lose
U: Undecided

Chapter 1: Ryoma EchizenEdit

Players Echizen Ryoma Sasabe
Set # Set 1
Score (W) 6 - 2 (L)
Service Ace at least 5 1
Return Ace at least 1 None
Smash Ace at least 1 None
Unforced Errors 2 (NOTE-1) None

NOTE-1 Sasabe cheated by called it out when it was in

Players Echizen Ryoma Sasabe
Set # Set 2
Score (U) 0 (15) - (0) 0 (U)
Service Ace 1 None

Chapter 3: 2nd Year vs 1st YearEdit

Players Echizen Ryoma Momoshiro Takeshi
Score NOTE-1 (U) 2 - 0 (U)
Service Ace at least 4 None
Return Ace None at least 1
Net Errors None at least 4

NOTE-1 Technically, Momoshiro forfeited, but he simply stated that he'll let Ryoma "off the hook," so it's left as "undecided." Also, the score is approximated.

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