Chapter 70

This event occured in the New Prince of Tennis. The first half occured from Golden Age 050: VS The Overseas Expedition Group and concluded in Golden Age 065: Upset Victory. The second half of the event continues in Golden Age 070: The Ultimate Army - Genius 10 and conlcudes in Golden Age 125: Samurai.


After Middle Schoolers defeated No.11-19, the captain, Hōō Byōdōin, decides to do one day where the Genius 10 accepts challenges from other players. At this point, Jūjirō Oni is revealed to be the true No.5.


Major EventsEdit


  • Despite winning their respective badges, they are not formally part of the first stringers. All the middle schoolers who challenged the Genius 10 are selected to be part of a middle school team.
  • Tokugawa is the only high schooler who participated in the Genius 10 matches. Despite not winning, he becomes the new No.4 after Ryoga Echizen abandons the badge.
  • The Echizen brothers were meant to have a match but they never got there.

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