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Hey. Haven't seen you on there for awhile. Ken's still the same. This time Kaoz actually yelled at him. Ken's trying to save himself. When he asked me for evidence, he called me fake. Then Kaoz and Hardy said, my evidence was true then Ken tried to change the topic to an official match when we were talking about an unofficial. *shakes head* Great to see someone other than me editing here! XD _ Gosh, he's someone I dont miss at the forum at all. Miss the other two though. Sad to hear nothing's changed regarding Ken STILL being able to get away with his lack of forum etiquette. I'll return to MH once I see why Kirihara/Oishi were chosen for the tea.. I feel like the rest of MH don't care about the story in the same manner I did. Like, why is it acceptable someone as weak as Nakagauchi made the team ahead of ppl with better stats and ppl who are stronger than him? 

Why the hell is Shiraishi the No.3 of the MSers? Ahead of players who'll kick his ass like Sanada, Kintaro, Akutsu etc. I think Niou would beat him too. Nobody at MH cares about whether the team makes sense as a "strongest team" or not, and personally I found Ryoma comfortably wrecking the USA camp painfully boring to read too. 

The anime is a pile of crap too since NPoT anime began. I just dont love PoT like I did before the end of the epic Byoudouin/Tokugawa match. Ryoga just quitting was lame too. Neither Ryoma nor Ryoga care for representing their true country will never be cool in my eyes. So yeah, I'll come back to MH once I enjoy PoT like I used to sry for the blast of text haha.

Airgrimes (talk) 01:28, February 12, 2015 (UTC)

Kaoz has changed too. He's more short-tempered. He'll delete me posts but keep Ken's when Ken's has more cursing and profanities. I called him immature then Ken proved my point right by cursing. He also caps-lock raped but that was a post Kaoz deleted. Good stuff. iceemperor is a really good person to talk to. He's sick of Ken too but Ken doesn't nitpick his posts like he does with ours.

I think Shiraishi is No.3 because he's able to control Kirihara and Kintaro. The best 3 captains are the top 3. Atobe's No.1 for his leadership skills. He captains 215 members compared to Yukimura's measely 30-35. Shiraishi was entrusted by Yanagi to keep Kirihara in check. Anything Ryoma related already lost my interest.

Kirihara is on the team due his VA's popularity. Other than that, can't think of a reason why he made the team. Unless Konomi plans on giving another mode. Oishi for his doubles play probably.

To be honest, I think Nakagauchi made the team because of his VA. That's all really. Give him more experiences to voice him since he's still new to the VA business. Date's a good keep. Hakamada shouldn't be on the team. Should be replaced by Mitsuya. Data tennis does help. Chinkycandie (talk) 02:07, February 12, 2015 (UTC)

I see. I don't blame him if he's contantly having to mediate between arguments instead of having discussions to enjoy. I'd get short-tempered eventually too. iceemperor is the one with some decent Japanese translating skills iirc? I lost patience with Ken's inability to not view the Byoudouin/Tokugawa/Oni relations from different angles. Konomi obviously created those characters with the intention for readers to have various different viewpoints. 

I don't doubt Atobe is likely a better leader than Yukimura. I think ability wise they're either neck and neck or Yuki has the edge but I can see why Konomi made Atobe the captain over Yuki. It's a good choice. But Shiraishi being No.3 just because he's a good captain? That's kinda ridiculous on Konomi's part. Kite is also a good captain. Tachibana is also a good captain and he didnt' even make the team. Shiraishi doesn't even need to overlook Kirihara when Yuki/Sanada/Niou/Marui are all going to be there. Kirihara making the team confuses me too. He's just inferior without Shiraishi. Even Shiraishi/Kirihara pair looks inferior to a bunch of MS pairs that didn't make it. 

Oishi and his doubles play is pretty average in SPoT though. Niou was the key player in their victory over Mutsu bros. Niou/Atobe should have eliminated Oishi from the selection list. The Mutsu bros victory was down to Niou synchroing with the opponent. Oishi's lob could have been performed by literally anyone. Oishi paired with anybody other than Niou in that list of 14 is a weak pair by default due to Oishi. Konomi really needs to explain himself imho.

I wouldn't say its that 30-35 is measly, considering Yukimura captains far superior players than who Shiraishi captains overall. Sanada/Niou/Yanagi/Yagyuu/Marui/Jackal/Kirihara are likely harder to lead than the likes of Mukahi/Kabaji/Ootori/Shishido/Jirou/Yushi/Hiyoshi.

Honestly, I think I agree with your theory on Kirihara and Nakagauchi making the team based on their VA's. Neither of them are anywhere near good enough to make it otherwise. Things like this ruin the story for me. You can't select a team for victory by selecting notably weak players. It just doesn't sit well with me. 

Either Hakamada/Mitsuya/Fuwa/ would be good to replace Nakagauchi for me. Nakagauchi really looks out of place there. Airgrimes (talk) 11:43, February 12, 2015 (UTC)

Hehehehe To be honest, Kaoz is terrible at mediating. Since Ken gets away with everything and he blames everything on me. When its Ken's issue for over-reacting to my posts. A mediator isn't meant to take sides but he'll take Ken's side most of the time. Only once did he take my side. I lost patience with Ken in general. Sure the manga is canon but some parts of the anime is better than the manga. There was no 5 YO Tokugawa in the flashback in the manga but they added it in, in the anime. Its still canon since the story was told in the manga, but there is more of a visual in the anime.

Captain wise, Shiraishi is a good captain. He can control not only his teammates but other students as well. Shitenhoji's team is small but Shiraishi is 2nd best whenn it comes to control. Yanagi barely knew Shiraishi but he asked him to keep Kirihara in check. He already keeps Kintaro in check. I'm sure he'll eventually keep Akutsu in check too. Someone like him is needed on the team.

Yukimura never really captained the team because he was sick. Sanada did most of it. But Rikkaidai students are quite disciplined, except for Kirihara.

I do agree that it was basically Niou the winner of the Mutsu twins. It was just Oishi's idea and Niou did all the work. I remembered having this argument with Ken. He was worshipping Oishi but Phillia & I kept pointing out that if it wasn't for Niou's illusion, they would get pwned by the Mutsu twins.

VA's are the only reason I could think of for Nakagauchi. In a way, its Konomi being fair to the newbie VA's. Chinkycandie (talk) 00:02, February 13, 2015 (UTC)

That's also a shame to hear. Kaoz was real good at mediating when I was there. I'm kinda busy nowadays so a discussion with Ken would ruin my mood in IRL and I don't need that. In regards to the anime-canon debate, MH has always been a manga purist discussion based forum. I can't imagine a time where they'll value the anime if I'm honest. I recommend you ignore all posts from Ken though. That's what I'd do if he's the same when I return.

Captain wise, I don't agree that Shiraishi is 2nd best at control either. Kirihara has pure 100% respect for Yukimura and Sanada, and Yukimura caused Kintaro to be scared shitless with Yips. In fact, with Yips, Yukimura's leadership is technically the best of the MSers. But for plot reasons Atobe is the best due to him being the leader of 200+ irrelevant fodder. I can't imagine anyone keeping Akutsu in check either. He kicked Sanada in the stomach and tried to fight a 3rd Year HSer. I agree Shiraishi should be on the team but No.3 is "Too Damn High" for someone of his skill level. He should be where Fuji/Niou/Kite are in the list. 

Yukimura was the bench coach throughout the Nationals and Rikkai lost 3 sets in total that entire tournament. Technically they had the best record overall seeing as the winners Seigaku lost 5 sets in total at Nationals. Yukimura had a better record as Bench Coach than all the adults. 

Gosh I remember that argument. Oishi is pretty damn average in the series now. His stats are rather shitty too. In the HSers U-17 team, there are no pure Doubles-only players like Oishi. I still think Konomi should give Nakagauchi and Kirihara some power-ups to validate their position if he wants them to have bigger roles later in the series. I think its really poor writing from Konomi so far from the selection of the U-14 team onwards.

Airgrimes (talk) 01:09, February 14, 2015 (UTC)

To be a good mediator, you have to listen to both sides of the story and resolve it from there. Kaoz doesn't care who started the whole argument (Ken), he just wants it to end straight away but as always, Ken gets away with all the trouble he starts. Don't worry. I added Ken to my ignore list.

Kirihara does respect Sanada and Yukimura but he's afraid of Sanada. I'm sure Kirihara respects Shiriashi too. Kirihara respects all the captains, except for maybe Kite. They don't have much interaction. I see Shiraishi as the MS version of Tokugawa really. Equally balanced stats, defeat opponents without being too serious, remains calm in dire situations (outside of tennis), and shows that he cares even for players stronger than them. I don't agree Shiraishi should be as low as Niou/Fuji/Kite. At least No.4-5. Have you noticed, the MS in the top 5 are national level players (except Akutsu)? That's useful.

Kawamura is the only one I can currently think of that can control Akutsu. Akutsu listens and respects him.

Rikkaidai students are naturally extra-talented in tennis. They go through harsher training than Seigaku does. Also because Sanada likes punishing the losers, so that's motivation to boost their morale. Surely, he'd make a better captain but Atobe has the most experience with large amounts of people. And besides, I don't think Atobe would take orders from Yukimura. To Atobe, his word is law.

I'm sure Kirihara will be given a power up. Kirihara will probably be given another mode, Oishi is a strategic doubles player, and Nakagauchi...just for his VA XD Chinkycandie (talk) 02:26, February 14, 2015 (UTC)


Hey! Long time no talk! Ha, it's been like...literally years. Bit sad how long I've been inactive on here but I'm ready for the return (if you'll still have me). Just wanted to say how awesome you and everyone else is for keeping this wikia up to date and alive. This looks a million times better than what it once was, you rock~

I'm going through episodes now, since I know those are always a pain, and will hopefully bulk them up in the next few days. I'll also be randomly adding info to other character pages, rewatching helps refresh memories of character's data. And once again, sorry for my absence! --Bobbycat1 (talk) 04:47, February 22, 2015 (UTC)

Good to see you back. Yeah it has been years. I was on my own for like a year and managed to lift this place up enough to encourage like 3 more active users to join this wikia so there are a few more admins. Although part of the deal was that they were to remain active. So far not all of them are following this deal so I'm gonna have to look into that later in the year. But yeah thanks a lot. I kinda do feel like the hard work I've put in has paid off. Don't forget you played a significant role too!

I'm no longer as active as I should be though. The last 5-6 chapters or so have been nothing but awful story telling in my opinion. I feel like Shin Prince of Tennis storytelling can only get a 6/10 at best compared to the original which I would give a 9/10. So many unexplained things or poor executed ideas makes me less crazy about the series which is sad. Tell me what you think of it once you're done catching up to the Genius 10 episodes and whatnot.

Airgrimes (talk) 23:52, February 25, 2015 (UTC)

Sorry about that, didn't mean to abandon! D: Ah, admins are always difficult. We could put it to a vote when it comes down to I suppose? Ah, it was never anything big. You on the other hand are amazing! So impressed and like wow, can't even describe how awesome you are with everything on here.

Yeah, Shin Prince of Tennis is like a love-hate for me at the moment, so frustrating. I haven't watched the Genius 10 episodes yet, mostly cause I've been reading more than watching series. I'll try and watch the latest OVAs soon though!--Bobbycat1 (talk) 19:34, February 26, 2015 (UTC)

MH UpdateEdit

Hey. So Kaoz has spoiled more about the World Cup. It'll be held in Australia and there's going to be an unofficial Duke/Fuji pair. Since the players are doing a pre-World Cup match. Fuji is finally getting some action hahahaha. Chinkycandie (talk) 00:07, March 2, 2015 (UTC)

In addition to Japan, Switzerland, France, US, and Germany, there will be also Brazil, Denmark, Australia, and UK participating in the World Cup. That's what Sai knows so far. Chinkycandie (talk) 06:47, March 3, 2015 (UTC)

This is all so weird. The UK team will be interesting. We're an extremely overrated nation in Tennis and only have Andy Murray to thank for keeping us relevant in the tennis world. (Although he was taught tennis in SPAIN and is just barely a product of British Tennis lol)

Thanks for the spoilers though. A Fuji match might be enough to get me to return. I'm confused as to how Germany are better than the Swiss in this day and age but Konomi can do what he wants I guess. Duke/Fuji is like UberKawamura/Fuji pair and I loved the last time they paired up so it sounds good. I still don't see where Konomi is going with this story.

Is this the opening round where if Japan lose overall they get knocked out of the tournament straight away? Since I've never heard of a MS/HS type of tournament before. It sounds like Konomi was desperate for a way to include the MSers one last time before he focused on Ryoma in the HS division.

Airgrimes (talk) 01:09, March 6, 2015 (UTC)

Not sure what it is. All Sai knows is that its a "pre-world cup". Probably to showcase the country's team to sponsors or something.

Japan won't lose. Because Ryoma won't defeat Byodoin if they did. It would be good if Japan lost the unofficial match then get back at them in an official match (like how they should have done with Rikkai).

I feel like Germany will come 3rd place this year, America 2nd place, and Japan 1st place. Byodoin will lose against Ryoma but someone like Tokugawa/Oni will make the final win for Japan to win overall. Chinkycandie (talk) 02:38, March 6, 2015 (UTC)

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