USA U-17 (Reps)

Few of the USA U-17 Members

The USA U-17 team are one of the participating teams in the U-17 Tennis World Cup.


From a rich pool of players, the chosen are the physically-talented elite. Only chooses tournament winners or runner ups from each state. The players are further improved in the best sports facility in the world.

Because they have Rhinehart, the USA team stress teamwork and are a veteran team ranked just after the big 4. Rhinehart has managed to unite an army of unorganized elites and created the ultimate team.


USA U-17 CampEdit

Prior to the World Cup, The USA team had their 13 high school representatives selected. To choose the 14th member, the team invited winners and runner-ups of various tennis tournments around the country. They were going to have a tournament, where the winner, will be selected as the 14th member. However, before the tournament got started, Ryoma defeated all the prospects, becoming the 14th USA U-17 representative.

Pre-World Cup Exhibition MatchEdit

They are pitted against The Republic of Tsube U-17 World Cup Team. It is assumed that the US team won all three of their matches.


High SchoolersEdit

Middle SchoolersEdit

Tennis RecordEdit

Pre-World Cup Exhibition MatchEdit

Type of Match Doubles Pair Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 1 Ryoma Echizen/Oliver Philips M. Nobtail/M. Halharter Won (7-5)
Doubles 2 Unknown Unknown Presumably won
Doubles 3 Unknown Unknown Presumably won

Group LeagueEdit

They defeated their opponents, the Denmark U-17 World Cup Team, in the first round of the Group League round robin matches.


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