The MountainEdit


Described as "the depths of hell" by Kintaro, eliminated U-17 players are brought here by bus to train with the Drunken Coach, the "warden of hell."

It can be assumed that the only way up the mountain is through either climbing it, which was what the middle school losers had to do, or swimming through a river that connects to the mountain's caves. The latter, however, is not confirmed because it was used as a route leaving the mountain by Ryoma, Kenya, and Kei when the Drunken Coach instructed them to steal sake from the main camp.

At the mountain, Coach Nyuudo forces his students to participate in strange activities that include: running away from eagles, sleeping in caves, and stealing sake from the main camp (called the "Special Mission"). In the anime, it is also shown that he made the middle schoolers hang upside down from trees while hitting a tennis ball, riding kid scooters up a mountain slope, avoiding falling objects, running on logs rolling down a river, and climbing up and down a mountain for water.

The mountain is home to many wild animals, including wild eagles.

Tennis CourtEdit

Fjac shin prince of tennis ch 018.07

An overhead view of the tennis court on top of the mountain.

The tennis court located on the top of the mountain is characterized by its uneven terrain. The ground filled with rocks cause the ball to bounce irregularly, making it hard to return unless it is hit before it hits the ground. However, this is not a good method to counter the court because it makes it easier for your opponent(s) to return the ball.

This was the team death match between the eliminated high schoolers from the ball drop, and the eliminated middle schoolers from the tiebreaker elimination rounds. If you missed, catch, or get hit by the ball, you are disqualified. The team with the most members standing at the end of the match wins.


Yanagi and Inui using data tennis on the court's topography to return the irregularly bouncing ball.

The middle schoolers who just arrived on the mountain had a difficult time playing with the irregular bounce- even Sanada was eliminated. Inui and Yanagi were able to analyze the topography court and predict its bounce- when the sun was setting, they were the only two who remained facing three high schoolers. The Drunken Coach announced that the high schoolers were the winners. The middle school losers had to sleep in the cave.

Other AreasEdit

The CaveEdit

Pshin prince of tennis 20 ss.20

The cave the middle schoolers were forced to sleep in

A cave on the mountain where the middle schoolers were forced to sleep in because of their lost to the high schoolers in the sudden team death match.

The RiverEdit

U17mt river

An area of the mountain in the forest, possibly being a smaller part of the main river.

A river in the caves of the mountain which was used as a route leaving the mountain by Ryoma, Kenya, and Kei when the Drunken Coach instructed them to steal sake from the main camp. It contained wild bats that tried to attack the trio while they were going through it.

While traveling through the cave, Kenya was shown to be fast enough to run across water. At the end of the cave, Ryoma, Kenya, and Kei arrived at the main camp- realizing that the mountain was indeed part of the U-17 grounds.

It is also mentioned that there is a waterfall nearby that the high schoolers were climbing while the middle schoolers were digging holes.

Forest AreaEdit

U17 mt bridge

The bridge on the mountain at the U-17 camp, shown only in the anime.

In the anime, it is shown that there is a lose bridge one must cross through in the first that is high above the river in the mountain. The bridge is located in the forest area within the mountain, but it broke after Kei got on it and large hawks positioned themselves on top of him.

On the bottom of the bridge is a river that is most likely the same one mentioned above. Surrounding the river is the forest area.

Main BuildingEdit


The middle school losers dig holes in front of the main building on the mountain.

The main building on the mountain top housed the Drunken Coach and the winning high schoolers of the team death match. The middle schoolers were forced to dig holes in front it of and then bury the holes after Coach Mifune peed in them.


Fjac shin prince of tennis ch 018.02

Tiebreaker elimination losers.


  • Drunken Coach
  • U-17 high schoolers eliminated during the ball drop



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