A Room Layout for the U-17 Camp.

The U-17 Training Camp is a boarding camp for participants, who stay in shared dorms based on the players' abilities and where they need coaching. The aim is for them to grow from having to live together.

Circuit coach Ryūji Tsuge appears to be the dorm supervisor.

1st Floor: High SchoolersEdit

Room 101Edit

The only high school room shown to be a single room so far. Also note that is used by a 1st Stringer.

Room 102Edit

Features the three strongest high school students first introduced at the start of the series, who seem to have a close relationship with each other.

Room 108Edit

All members of the 5th Court that participates in Doubles.

Room 109Edit

Also mostly members of the 5th court except for Migihashi. All were chosen to face the No. 11-20 of the returning 1st Stringers.

2nd Floor: Middle SchoolersEdit

Room 201Edit

From the top three schools from Nationals. All three are one of the strongest players from their respective schools. They appear soft and kind outside of the courts, but become extremely scary once they get serious. They all also seem to share an interest in plants and gardening.

Room 202Edit

Data tennis users (Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami can be compared to the highest level of data tennis).

Room 203Edit

Players that have been shown to play both Singles and Doubles effectively.

Room 204Edit

Serve and volley specialists.

Room 205Edit

2nd years all hinted (some confirmed) to be the future captains of their respective teams.

Room 206Edit

Underclassmen hinted to be future captains of their respective teams when they become 3rd years. The two Super Rookies, a very talented 1st year transfer student, and the hinted future captain of St.Rudolph.

Room 207Edit

Doubles specialists that play Doubles 2 from Rokkaku and Shitenhoji. Typically consisted of those who performs Manzai (boke and tsukkomi).

Room 210Edit

Three captains and one vice-captain with two balanced personalities. Two arrogant personalities and two plain ("Jimmies") personalities:

Room 211Edit

Doubles specialists that play Doubles 1 from Seigaku (Golden Pair) and Hyoutei (Silver Pair)

Room 212Edit

Players known for their speed except for Yushi who is Kenya's cousin.

Room 214 Niou KingdomEdit

Also known as Niou Kingdom, a play on Atobe Kingdom. Only two players in this room who can copy other players almost perfectly.

Room 217Edit

All-rounders and one Aggressive Baseliner. Sanada, Sengoku, and Tachibana are known as aces of their school (even though Sanada is not the strongest from Rikkaidai). Ishida is the powerhouse of Shitenhoji.

Room 220Edit

All Higa Chuu tennis team members

Room 224Edit

Close friends.


  • Although in the anime the dorms are very bland and dull with only one color scheme, in the ending song Party Time, the dorms are colored with funky colors to match the rhythm of the song.


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