The Prince of Tennis
Season 2, Episode 34
Episode 34
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Twist Spin Shot is the 34th episode of the original Prince of Tennis series. This episode involves the Singles 3 match of the Tokyo Prefecturals Quarterfinals encounter between Seishun Gakuen and St.Rudolph with Echizen Ryoma of Seigaku and Fuji Yuuta of St.Rudolph who was formerly of Seigaku but left to join St.Rudolph.


Ryoma faces Yuta Fuji, Shusuke's younger brother and also the one rumored to be the lefty-killer, the player who specializes in defeating left-handed opponents. He quickly runs into trouble due to the opponent's tricky Rising shot, which is able to confuse Ryoma due to the ball's unusual motion, but eventually finds a way to counter it. As the match goes, Yuta's reasons for transferring to St. Rudolph from Seigaku is revealed. To prove his worth, Yuta performs his Twist Spin shot.

Tennis Moves Introduced

Twist Spin Shot - Fuji Yuuta