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Season 2, Episode 41
Episode 41
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Trouble!(波乱! Haran!) is the 41st eipsode of the original Prince of Tennis. It originally aired on the 24th July 2002.


While making their way to their match against Yamabuki, some Fudomine players get into a car accident. Though they make it to their match, the trauma of the accident makes them unable to play at full strength against their opponents. After hearing about the accident from Akutsu, Fudomine's captain, Kippei Tachibana, has his team forfeit the match. Meanwhile, scared of being completely defeated, Seigaku's opponent willingly forfeits their match, so Seigaku faces their next opponent, Yamabuki.


It's Fudomine vs. Yamabuki and Seigaku vs. Ginka

Some Fudomine members are late to register and if they did not come on time, they would be disqualified, however, they make it back just in time. But during their match against Yamabuki, the members seem out of it and are not playing like their usual selves, Tachibana then finds out it is because they had been in a car accident and were still quite shaken up about it and so he forfeits the match, leaving Yamabuki the winner whom will continue into the Kantou Tournament.

Then, the members of Ginka (whom were all defeated easily by Echizen in episode 37) hide behind bushes and watch as the Seigaku members arrived. As each person walked by, the Ginka members grow more and more scared as the Seigaku members all looked so strong and thinking they would lose anyway, they are about to quit the match, when they see a small freshman approaching, wearing the regular jacket. Thinking it will be easy to beat a freshman, they fight over who will play a match with him. However, when they see it's Echizen, they immediately forfeit the whole match, leaving Yamabuki and Seigaku to the finals.