Training to Defeat Rikkaidai ArcEdit

Ep. # Title Original Release Date
98 "The Prince of Billiards" September 3, 2003
Fuji exacts his revenge for the previous bowling outing by introducing the team to billiards, only for Ryoma to foil his victory.
99 "The Cursed Racket" September 10, 2003
Ryoma finds a mysterious racket lying in front of his house and because of it strange misfortunes happen in Seigaku.
100 "Captain Oishi" September 17, 2003
In the absence of Tezuka, a tense Oishi puts the team through its paces.
101 "Eat Rikkaidai" September 24, 2003
Lunch at Kawamura's sushi place; the team watches Fudomine's defeat by Rikkaidai, witnessing Akaya's play that injured Tachibana in the game. The team vows to exact revenge and win.
102 "Mizuki's Whispers" October 1, 2003
Momoshiro and Kaido get tricked into playing a doubles match with Mizuki from St. Rudolph and Kajimoto from Josei Shonan. They were forced to set aside their differences to win or else they would have to leave Seigaku.
103 "Sleepless Night" October 8, 2003
The night before the big match with Rikkaidai, the Seigaku players realize where they should really be.
104 "Ryoma vs Sanada" October 15, 2003
The match with Rikkaidai is suspended for a week due to the rain; nonetheless, Ryoma challenges Genichirō Sanada of Rikkaidai to a match.
105 "Ryoma Utterly Beaten" October 22, 2003
Ryoma lost to Sanada, afterwards Akutsu teaches him a lesson
106 "Off To The Cottage!" October 29, 2003
The Seigaku team goes on a training trip. Meanwhile Inoue checks on Seigaku's next opponent, Rikkaidai.
107 "The Captain Appears!" November 5, 2003
Yamato Yūdai, the previous Captain of Seigaku, shows up for the training camp. He teaches a skeptical Ryoma some valuable lessons about tennis.
108 "Surprise at Camp" November 12, 2003
A "bear" intrudes upon the training camp, and it's up to the regulars to defeat it and save the hostages. After using a combination of their moves, the "bear" is revealed to be a burglar who has been breaking into the areas' homes.
109 "Tennis Biathlon" November 19, 2003
A special training session awaits.
110 "Jump, Kabaji!" November 26, 2003
The Hyotei Academy tennis team shows up for an intensive session with Seigaku. Kikumaru faces off with the genius copycat player Kabaji Munehiro, while Inui faces Hiyoshi Wakashi. Kikumaru eventually wins as Kabaji tires, unable to sustain the copying of Kikumaru's acrobatic play. Inui has tied with Hiyoshi at 6 to 6 games. Hiyoshi thinking he would have won anyways finds Inui tied with him wearing 20 lbs of weight training gear.
111 "Original Prodigy: Fuji Shūsuke" December 3, 2003
The genius players, Yūshi Oshitari of Hyotei and Shusuke Fuji of Seigaku, face off while Ryō Shishido faces Oishi. The match between Fuji and Oshitari evolves into a battle of Higuma Otoshi and ends with Fuji overcoming Oshitari's Higuma Otoshi and gaining victory. The second matchs ends as a tie forcing both players to retire from the game.
112 "Hadōkyū vs Scud Serve" December 10, 2003
Mukahi Gakuto plays Momoshiro while Ootori Chotarou faces Kawamura.
113 "Atobe the Beautiful" December 17, 2003
Kaidoh faces Akutagawa Jirou, while Ryoma faces Keigo Atobe. Kaidoh eventually uses the Hadōkyū to hit a Boomerang Snake, which knocks out Jirou.
114 "Ryoma is Going!" December 24, 2003
Atobe sees Ryoma's limitless potential. During this game, Ryoma starts to develop his new move, and he practices it with Oishi after his practice game with Hyotei.
115 "Baseball Game Filled With Men" January 7, 2004
A chibi episode where the characters play a game of baseball, followed by a Western shootout comedy.

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