The Prince of Tennis
Season New Prince of Tennis, Episode 13
Towards ur new brilliant selves
Air date
March 28th, 2012
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The Night Before the Invitation

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New Prince of Tennis Specials arc

Towards Your New Brilliant Selves is the 13th episode of New Prince of Tennis. It was first aired on the 28th of March 2012 in Japan.


The Black Jerseys return from the mountain. They challenge court 2 in a heated match. The Black Jerseys show an incredible improvement in their abilities, thanks to the intense training at the mountains. The Black Jerseys defeat everyone with ease, and soon Ryoma faces Migihashi, the captain of court 2. Migihashi employs a technique called "God's Domain/Right Saver", and it utilizes the spin of the ball so that it always draws back to him, much like the Tezuka Zone. Migihashi claims that Ryoma will not be able to send the ball past the right side of the court. They began to add the number of balls from 1 to 8 to 9. However, Ryoma was not able to return 9 balls. Ryoma then successfully return 9 balls at once,which he then adds another ball. Migihashi is unable to return all of them, and thus Ryoma wins. The Black Jerseys are now promoted to court 2. In the evening, the students from court 3 and court 2 have matched with each other. Ryoma also has a match with Tokugawa by using multiple tennis balls.

Characters IntroducedEdit

Tennis Moves IntroducedEdit


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