Gyokurin izumi
Tomoya Izumi



Izumi Tomoya





Junior High

Gyokurin Middle School

Club Position


Dominant Arm


Doubles Partner(s)

Fukawa Kimiyoshi

Tomoya Izumi (泉智也 Izumi Tomoya) is is the doubles partner of Fukawa, his fellow Gyokurin Junior High tennis team member.


Izumi has medium length orange hair and brown eyes.



He first appears when Ryoma and Momoshiro goes to the Tokyo street tennis courts for the first time to decide who will be playing Singles 3 in the upcoming match against Gyokurin. Izumi and Fukawa easily beat the two Seigaku regulars who were not accustomed to doubles.

The next day, Gyokurin plays Seigaku and loses in 5 straight games. In Doubles 2 against the pair they crushed last night, they lose after Ryoma and Momoshiro split the court into two halves to play two singles matches within the doubles match.


Shortly Seigaku's win at the Districts against Fudomine, Izumi and Fukawa are shown to be crushed by a doubles match against Hyoutei's Atobe and Kabaji, though Kabaji is the only one playing. Momoshiro and Kamio show up, and challenges the Hyoutei regulars to a match after noticing how Atobe was forcefully trying to get An to go on a date with him. Momoshiro says that he is an expert at Doubles, but Fukawa and Izumi respond shouting in disbelief. Momoshiro and Kamio win the match, surprising Fukawa and Izumi. This occurs before Seigaku's match at the prefecturals against St.Rudolph.


Izumi and Fukawa appear again before the Regionals at the street tennis courts again, where they are playing 2 on 1 against Momoshiro, who requested for a match after he was eliminated as a regular. Hyoutei once again shows up, but instead of just being Atobe and Kabaji, it is the entire time. Ryoma shows up and along with Momoshiro, provokes the Hyoutei regulars as Izumi and Fukawa watch on.

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