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Tom Griffey
Tom Griffey



Tomu Gurifī


Beautiful Warriors (with Terry Griffey)




Father (Deceased)
Mother (Deceased)
Terry Griffey (Younger Brother)


American Team

Dominant Arm


Doubles Partner(s)

Terry Griffey

Voice Actor

Kazunari Kojima (Japanese)


Tom Griffey (トム・グリフィー, Tomu Gurifī) is an American player and the older brother and doubles partner to teammate Terry Griffey on the USA West Coast Team in an anime-only arc where he and his West Coast USA teammates appear. As a child, Tom and his brother Terry were forced to live in their cruel aunt's farmhouse following the death of their parents. They supported themselves and their aunt by collecting items from the garbage that could be salvaged and resold. Coach Baker discovered Tom being exploited by his aunt to perform trick tennis shots and stunts for her own profit. This reason made them loyal to Baker and would do anything he says without any hesitation.


Tom has long green hair.



Regional InvitiationalsEdit

First introduced as member of the USA West Coast Team during the Goodwill Games Tournament which involved USA West Coast VS Japan Kanto. He plays in Doubles 1 with his brotherTerry Griffeyagainst Kikumaru Eiji /Oshitari Yushi pair. However, during the doubles match they are told to lose on purpose against Kikumaru and Oshitari. At first they go on with it but have strong doubts and didnt want to, but eventually they gave in to their love of tennis and played with full spirit and defeated Kikumaru and Oshitari 7-5. They defied his orders and proceeded to win the match, yet to the approval of Coach Baker as he wanted the fans to have more excitement. He is then seen with the rest of the team happily looking forward to continuing tennis after Coach Baker is fired after being caught involving himself in corruption.

Tennis RecordEdit

Playing Style and TechniquesEdit

Tom is Right handed.

Trivia Edit

  • His (Unnamed) stats are 81.2, 80.2, and 83.2.

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