41 "Trouble!"

"Haran!" (波乱!)

July 24, 2002 July 30, 2007
While making their way to their match against Yamabuki, some Fudomine players get into a car accident. Though they make it to their match, the trauma of the accident makes them unable to play at full strength against their opponents. After hearing about the accident from Akutsu, Fudomine's captain, Kippei Tachibana, has his team forfeit the match. Meanwhile, scared of being completely defeated, Seigaku's opponent willingly forfeits their match, so Seigaku faces their next opponent, Yamabuki.
42 "Oishi is Targeted"

"Oishi Being Targeted // Nerawareta Oishi" (狙われた大石)

July 31, 2002 August 13, 2007
Before their match against Yamabuki, Taichi Dan meets and talks to Ryoma about he Dan can not be a good tennis player because he is short, not knowing that Ryoma is a regular. During the doubles match, Oishi is targeted by the "Jimmies", a doubles pair who was victorious over Oishi and a senior the previous year. However, in the end, the Jimmies' overconfidence about their previous win results in Eiji and Oishi's victory.
43 "Lucky Sengoku"

"Rakkī Sengoku" (ラッキー千石)

August 7, 2002 August 27, 2007
In the singles match, Momoshiro plays against Kiyosumi Sengoku, who is nicknamed Lucky Sengoku due to his outstanding luck. During the match, though Momoshiro seemingly dominates, he loses focus when Sengoku successfully uses Momoshiro's signature technique, the Dunk Smash. Sengoku then reveals his special technique, a powerful jumping serve called the Tiger Cannon. That, combined with his superb motion vision, allows him to take the lead against Momoshiro.
44 "Jack Knife"

"Jyakku Naifu" (ジャックナイフ)

August 14, 2002 September 10, 2007
Desperate to win, Momoshiro inadvertently performs a high level technique called the "Jack Knife" during the match. With it, Momoshiro is able to take the lead, and eventually wins the match with sheer will when he realizes he has a cramped foot. Before his match with Akutsu, Ryoma is warned by his friends about his dangerous opponent, however, Ryoma ends up as the aggressive one when he starts the match out with smashing the ball directly toward Akutsu's face.
45 "A Devil on the Court"

"Kōto no ue no Akuma" (コートの上の悪魔)

August 21, 2002 September 24, 2007
When Ryoma hits Akutsu in the face with a ball, Akutsu decides to get serious. Ryoma is then easily overwhelmed by Akutsu's physical power, unique and unpredictable tennis style, and "one in ten years" talent. During their match, Akutsu reminiscences about his time as a member of a tennis club, where he easily and mercilessly defeated its members and captain. Watching the match, Taichi Dan also ends up recalling the first time he had met Akutsu, whom he has admired since that day. Back in the present, Akutsu tells Ryoma that he will not score another point.

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