The Prince of Tennis
Season 5, Episode 119
Episode 119
Air date
February 4, 2004
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Tightrope Walking Doubles is the 119th episode of the Original Prince of Tennis Series. It was first aired on February 4, 2004.


The first doubles game in the Kanto Finals continues and finally the Rikkai Dai pair (Bunta Marui and Kuwahara Jackal ) are getting serious. They can't return Seigaku's special shots without taking off their wrist bands so that's just what they do. They unleash their own special moves including the Ultimate Move: Tight Rope Walking and Metal Bell Hit.

Jackal decides to also destroy kaidoh by returning a boomerang snake with another boomerang snake. All the hard work Kaidoh did to master that move was smashed by an easy shot. That's how national level players play. But Momo understands Kaidoh's harship and takes over for a while so that Kaidoh has time to recover. Once both players are ready to go again then they keep upstaging Rikkai Dai with their recklessness and determination to win. But in the end Rikkai Dai won 7-5.

Tennnis Techniques Introduced

Tight Rope Walking - A move where the ball balances itself on the top of the net for a while then drops with no bounce onto your opponents court. User: Bunta Marui

Iron Pole Strike - A move where you aim the ball at the bell of the net so that it can bounce of and then into the opponents court. User: Bunta Marui

Short Snake - A regular snake hit in the middle of the court so that it angles itself towards a corner. User: Kaidoh