The Prince of Tennis
Season 6, Episode 132
Kaoru wants to play
Air date
May 5, 2004
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The Best Sushi Chef in Japan

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The Zanu Teni-Puri Family is the 132nd episode of the original Prince of Tennis series. It is also a chibi episode and will not be described in detail as to not spoil the comedic effect.



Inui and Renji enjoying a drink before they go out shopping with their wives...

It's May 5th Children's Day and the TeniPuri family is hanging up carp flags and planning a party...maybe?

And Shuko's (Oishi's) bad mood forces the family to go shopping at a huge department store. What will happen!?


  • Shuuko and chibi-Fuji are shopping and meet chibi-Hanamura-sensei. Chibi-Hanamura-sensei is a cometic saleswoman. The sign behind them says, "Shiawasedo." This is a play on the company, Shiseido, which is also a beauty care company. Also, "shiawase," in "Shiawasedo," means "happiness."