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The Strongest Pair (Saikyō no pea, 最強のペア) is the fifth episode of the New Prince of Tennis OVAs.



Differences from the MangaEdit

  • Most of the match's commentary is done by Oshitari rather than Sanada.
  • Sanada carries an injured Niou back to the Middle School bench rather than Omagari saying he needs to visit the hospital.
  • There are additional flashbacks not featured in the manga. This includes Atobe and Niou's conversation about becoming the Strongest Pair and Niou watching videos of Tezuka's matches as a 2nd stringer.
  • Both Atobe and Niou are seen holding the No.9 and No.10 badge whereas the manga never showed this since Tohno served a ball towards Ochi and Mori.
  • When Niou uses Illusion to become Ryoma, Tokugawa reacts to it but he's face is never physically shown in the episode.
  • Sanada has no lines during this match whereas Fuji has more lines in this match than the manga.


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