The Prince of Tennis
Season 6, Episode 129
Ep 129
Air date
April 14, 2004
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The Samurai's Ballad is episode 129th of the original Prince of Tennis Series.


The story of Nanjiro Echizen and how he met his wife, Rinko Takeuchi. We see a bit of story behind why he retires abruptly from tennis.


After the Kanto Finals and Ryoma's astonishing English catch phrases in the previous episode, we are being shown Nanjiro Echizen past when he first became pro in America. He headed to a tropical area of the United States with the "American Dream". Along the way he ran into some trouble with the head coach of the tennis club he was based at. But this trouble was all to do with Rinko Echizen , Ryoma's future mother and Nanjiro's wife. When the head coach was teaching some young kids how to play tennis he took the lesson too far by using Spartan methods. Rinko interviened but she also got pummeled with tennis balls several times. Nanjiro took it upon himself to defeat the head coach. It wasn't much a challenge. He didn't even have to open his eyes to beat him. Nanjiro won tournaments all over the United States and Japan after that but decided to retire after he found a new dream: Being a father.