The Prince of Tennis
Season OVA, Episode 20
Air date
April 25, 2008
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One-Point Match

Summit Showdown!

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The Nationals Semifinals arc - Shitenhōji arc
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Another Story - ~Messages from Past and Future~ arc

The Prince of Yakiniku is the 20th episode of the Nationals OVA and the 1st of the National Finals arc. It originally aired on April 25, 2008.

The ending song is "Ya-Ki-Ni-Ku" by Tong Tai, there is no opening song for this episode.


Hyotei, Shitenhōji, Higa, Seigaku, and Rokkaku decide to take a break before the finals, and decide to eat Yakiniku. Here, Eiji Kikumaru jumps to host a Yakiniku eating along with Yūshi Oshitari from Hyotei. Along with the comedies of Inui's pants getting pulled off by Tezuka and heaps of bodies of players from said schools, the players end the night with a ¥1,274,960 bill, along with a ¥63,748 tax.

Manga Chapter Equivalents Edit

  • Genius 341: Tonight is a Yakiniku Party
  • Genius 342: Outbreak! Yakiniku Battle!!
  • Genius 343: Requiem to the Fallen
  • Genius 344: Farewell Yakiniku sauce: The Golden Flavor


  • The ¥1,274,960 bill and the ¥63,748 tax is actually $12,596.60 bill and $629.83 tax ,if converted to the U.S. currency.

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