Op. Request


This is a limited edition version of Prince of Tennis Opening Theme songs.

  • Release date: 9th Novemver 2011
  • Price: 2,800 yen (tax inclusive)
  • Catalog Number: NECA-30094
  • Distributor: King Records


  1. Make You Free - Kimeru
  2. Driving Myself - HIRO-X
  3. Flower Power - Hisoca
  4. Song for You 〜愛すべき人へ〜 (Aisubeki Hito he) - Kimeru
  5. Future - HIRO-X
  6. Long Way - Ikuo
  7. Make You Free - Hisoca
  8. Anniversary - HIRO-x
  9. Brand New Day - Ikuo
  10. しあわせの歌 (Shiawase no Uya) - HIRO-X
  11. Make You Free 〜STYLE 004〜 - Kimeru
  12. Never End 〜C−Long Version〜 - Ryoma Echizen (Minagawa Junko)

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