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This is a limited version of Prince of Tennis Ending Theme songs.

  • Release date: 9th November 2011
  • Price: 2,800 yen (tax inclusive)
  • Catalog Number: NECA-30095
  • Distributor: King Records


  1. Keep Your Style - Masataka Fujishige
  2. Kaze no Tabibito (風の旅人) - Fureai
  3. White Line - Aozu
  4. おめっとサンバ (Ometto Sanba) - Cap to Bin
  5. Chain of Mind - Kimeru
  6. Happy×2☆Day!! - Aozu
  7. Walk On - Masataka Fujishige
  8. 君の歌 (Kimi no Uta - Fureai)
  9. Keep on Dreaming - Cap to Bin
  10. You got game? - Kimeru

Bonus TracksEdit

  1. おめっとサンバ 〜SAMBA MAX〜 (Ometto Sanba ~Samba Max~) - Cap to Bin
  2. シャッターチャンスは一度だけ! 〜ピンポイントスマッシュVersion〜 (Shutter Chance ha Ichi do Dake! -Pin Point Sumasshu Version - Yuki Kaida)

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