The Prince of Tennis
Season Another Story 1, Episode 1
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Dear Prince~ To the Princes of Tennis.

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The Prince of Naniwa, The First Act (ナニワの王子様 前編) is the first episode in the first set of Another Story OVA's. "Naniwa" is the old place name of Osaka city and often means Osaka prefecture.

The opening song is "brand-new HEAVEN" by Seishun Soda (Ryoma, Tezuka, Momoshiro and Kaidoh), and the ending song is "Iroasenai ano sora e (色褪せないあの空へ)" by STONES (Ōishi, Shiraishi, Gin and Kite).


All members of Seigaku tennis club, except for Echizen who left for America, visit Osaka to play practice games with Shitenhoji's. The third-years arranged this event with ulterior reasons unknown to the lowerclassmen.

The Shitenhoji regulars try to get laughter from them not only out of tennis courts but also in the middle of the games, bewildering most of the Seigaku regulars. And to their surprise, they run across the regular members of Higa, who burdened themselves to work at a temple for the sake of raising enough money to head back home.

In the second day they haven't arranged the practice games, and each of them go out and enjoy themself. Having a good time, they also think of their future and the next generation of Seigaku tennis club.

On this evening, Tezuka forewarns Momoshiro and Kaidoh of a heavy responsibility that would be given to them the next day.


  • Zaizen is seen timing how long it took for Kenya to run and trip over the sign placed in front of Shitenhoji's school gates.
  • At the Tenipuri Fest 2009 event, the voice actors Tezuka, Kite, and Shiraishi admitted that they enjoyed recording this episode the most.

Manga Chapter Equivalents

  • This OVA's events took place between the end of nationals and The New Prince of Tennis, therefore there's no manga equivalent thus far.