The Prince of Tennis
Season 1, Episode 12
Episode 12
Air date
December 26, 2001 (Japan)
October 30, 2006 (English)
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Men Play Doubles!

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The Perfect Match ("ア·ウンな二人", A Un na Futari) is the twelfth episode of the series and the second in the Tokyo District Preliminary arc.

The opening song is "Future" by Hiro-X and ending is "You Got Game" by Kimeru.


The first match of the tournament is Doubles Two; Momoshiro and Ryoma. They end up facing exactly who they wanted to - the two players that beat them in the street courts. At first, Ryoma and Momoshiro do fairly well, as they've come up with a technique to conquer the middle of the court. However, they soon are confronted with the fact that doubles is about synchronization and start to get aggravated when the other makes a mistake. They continuously make the mistake of leaving the other side empty, and although extremely strong players, it looks like Momoshiro and Ryoma might just lose this doubles match.

Characters Introduced

  • No notable characters have been introduced in this episode

Named Tennis Techniques Introduced

AH-UN! (Ryoma Echizen and Takeshi Momoshiro)

Manga Chapter Equivalents

  • Chapter 21: District Competition Starts
  • Chapter 22: Getting Revenge