The Prince of Tennis
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode 4
Air date
October 31, 2001 (Japan)
August 7,2006 (English)
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The Seigaku Regulars Make Their Debut!

Snake Shot

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Tokyo District Preliminary arc

The One Named Viper ("マムシと呼ばれる男", Mamushi to Yobareru Otoko) is the fourth episode of the series and the fourth in the Intraschool Ranking arc.

The opening song is "Future" by Hiro-X and ending is "You Got Game" by Kimeru.


The Ranking Tournament is finally here, and the matches to determine the regulars are ready to prosper. Ryoma easily dominates the matches with the non-regulars. However, one of Ryoma’s opponents in Block D is Kaidoh Kaoru. The game begins with nothing unusual. However, Kaidoh soon uses a special move called the ‘Snake’. This forces Ryoma to get serious and switch to his dominant hand. In whose favour will the match continue?

Characters Introduced

Tennis Techniques Introduced

Manga Chapter Equivalents

  • Chapter 7: The Start Of The Ranking Tournament
  • Chapter 8: Snake Fangs