The Prince of Tennis
Season 2, Episode 31
Oishi Moon volley
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The Moon Volley (ムーンボレー Mūnborē) is the 31st episode of the original Prince of Tennis. It was originally aired on the 15th May 2002.


Momoshiro knocks out the St. Rudolph player Yanagisawa when his Dunk Smash accidentally hits the player, thus Seigaku wins doubles 2 by default. Eiji and Oishi, the famed Golden Pair, takes to the courts against St. Rudolph's Ichirou Kaneda and its captain, Yoshiro Akazawa. In the match, Mizuki's information helps the St. Rudolph pair tire out Eiji, which is when Oishi reveals his famed technique, the Moon Volley, which can land directly on the baseline.

Tennis Techniques Introduced