The Prince of Tennis
Season OVA, Episode 16
Koharu-Yuji pair VS Momoshiro-Kaido pair
Air date
September 28, 2007
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Seigaku's Dead Weight

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The National Finals - Rikkai Dai Rematch arc

The Horror of Funny Tennis is the 16th episode in the Nationals OVA and the 3rd of the Shitenhōji arc. It originally aired on September 28, 2007.

The opening song is "Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy" by Tachikiri Tai and the ending is "Sankyuu!!" by Cap to Bin.


Doubles 2 with the Momoshiro-Kaido pair. The game favors Shitenhōji thanks to the amusing tennis style of the Koharu-Hitouji pair, provoking stress on Seigaku's pair. However, Momoshiro comes up with a clever strategy that surpasses the pair, giving Seigaku the win.

Tennis Techniques Introduced Edit

  • Thousand Hands Kannon

Manga Chapter Equivalents Edit

  • Genius 321: Period
  • Genius 322: The Terror of Comic Tennis
  • Genius 323: Comepri
  • Genius 324: Grasp the Poker Face
  • Genius 325: Be Stubborn
  • Genius 326: Prince of Impressions: Hitouji Yuuji and Koharu's Love Chapter
  • Genius 327: Because We Are Rivals

Anime and Manga Differences Edit

  • Momoshiro and Kaido took off their masks and continued playing the match for a brief time in the manga before Sumire told them to put the masks back on. In the anime they took off their masks during the break but immediately put them back on after Sumire told them too.
  • Koharu impersonated the referee in the manga as well.

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