The Curse Racket is the 99th episode of the original Prince of Tennis. It originally aired on the 10th September 2003.


Ryoma finds a mysterious racket lying in front of his house and because of it strange misfortunes happen in Seigaku.


One night, an ambulance rushes by the Echizen's house, and on the way, it drops an old racquet by their front door. The next morning, Echizen discovers the racquet and as he holds it and wonders who it belongs to, Momoshiro comes up on his bicycle and steals it, thinking it's Echizen's racquet, however, he nearly crashes into a car on the way.

Then a concerned Oishi looks for Momoshiro after he hears that Momo's been in an accident, but finds that Momo was able to avoid the crash by jumping over the car, then Momo, still holding in possession of the racquet gives it to Oishi and asks him to return it to Echizen for him. Oishi agrees and goes to Echizen's classroom, however, he accidentally goes into the girl's changing room instead and embarrased, he quickly runs away, dropping the racquet in the process.

In the afternoon, as Eiji was walking to the classroom where there is a meeting held by the tennis club, he spots the racquet lying on the floor, next to a painter who is on a ladder, painting the wall. He picks up the racquet and asks the painter who it belongs to, however, as the painter turns around to answer Eiji's question, he accidentally knocks over his paint bucket, turning Eiji's hair from red to white.

When all three members report their stories of these incidents they have had while in possession of the racquet, the team conclude that this racquet must be cursed. Then Inui tells them about a story of one of his friend's who died because he had the racquet before them, confirming that the racquet is indeed cursed.

The team then try to formulate a plan to destroy the curse.