The Captain Appears! is the 107th episode of the original Prince of Tennis. It originally aired on the 5th November 2003.


Yamato Yūdai, the previous Captain of Seigaku, shows up for the training camp. He teaches a skeptical Ryoma some valuable lessons about tennis.


This episode starts with Momoshiro, Kaoru, and Ryoma walking through the forest bringing milk back to the cottage. They run into a cow and are stopped in their tracks because the cow is angry. Suddenly a stranger appears and it just so happens to be Yamato the charismatic captain that all the 9th graders had when they were younger.

Being the youngest on the team, these three weren't aware of his position so they were very cautious around him. The cow ended up chasing all three of them back to the cottage where they later found out that the man they met in the woods would be their subsitiute coach for the day. Ryoma is unhappy about this idea because the captains mannerisms are too odd for his liking.

The regulars and Yamato go out into the forest to collect herbs which some are confused about but others are thrilled to get to know Yamato. Ryoma hates this so he goes away somewhere quiet. Yamato finds him but somehow both Ryoma and the coach end up falling down a little cliff and have to make their way back to the others.

Ryoma starts to warm up to Yamato as the day progresses and they continue to do strange seemingly un-tennis related activites. But the main thing that Yamato was trying to teach Ryoma throughout the day was to take in the hardships and enjoy it because that's what Ryoma and Seishun should do when facing Rikkaidai. Enjoy tennis and not worry about the unseen heights. Ryoma ends his day with thinking of Yamato as a man of great stature.

Characters Introduced

  • Captain Yamato Yudai (in the present, previously introduced through flashbacks).