The Prince of Tennis
Season 6, Episode 133
Ep 133
Air date
May 12, 2004
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The Best Sushi Chef in Japan (日本一の寿司屋 "Nihon-ichi no sushi-ya") is the 133rd episode of the original Prince of Tennis series.


Kawamura's father, the sushi chef, was injured, and Kawamura has to do his part in the shop along with a troubled man named Gen.


Summer vacation has started for the students in Japan but Seigaku still has morning tennis practices to go to so that they can prepare for the Nationals. But Kawamura's dad broke his arm so Kawamura has to cover the shop for a while. Poor Takashi can't make the sushi for the customers though because his isn't good enough yet. So they hire a sushi chef named Gen. He makes delicious sushi and Kawamura decides to ask for his help. Gen tries to push Takashi away but Takashi keeps persisting.

Gen has had a troublesome past because his son died from being run over by a car. He escaped his town and left his wife so that he could deal with the grief. But since Gen's son was the same age as Takashi memories flooded back. Gen decides to help and in the end Kawamura learns a valuable lesson: Sushi is a reflection of one's heart. Takashi's heart is confused because he knows he should be at tennis practice but he wants to be helping run the shop and be the best sushi chef there is. So to clear this confusion Takashi decides he quit tennis immediately and throw away his tennis goods. But he has just remembered the games he played, he realizes what he should be doing now is to play tennis to his heart's content.

At that time, Gen's wife Chieko, who has found out him, persuades him to come back to Hokkaido and start over again. When Gen leave the town, he finds Takashi running to Gen's apartment and see that he has decided to play tennis hard. Takashi can't catch and tell him what he found, but he also see Gen has found what should be doing now too.

Guest Characters Introduced

Iwakura Gen (岩倉 源) - A sushi chef who has a good skill. Once he owned sushi shop named "Sushi Gen" in Hokkaido, but because of the grief at the loss of his son Tatsuya in a traffic accident, he ran away the town and left his wife Chieko. After that he worked at Kawamura Sushi in a short period as a substitute for Takashi's father.