Tezuka Zone


Shot Type
  • Tezuka using the Tezuka Zone.
  • Tezuka using Tezuka Zone.

A (nearly) impossible technique. This technique forces any shots the opponent hits right back to Tezuka. The reason that an opponent's returns get "sucked" into Tezuka's hit zone is due to the spin he forces onto the ball. Tezuka halves the spin on the opponent's shots - that's the reason why they go towards the center of the court. When using this technique, Tezuka does not even need to move a step; all he needs to do is pivot one foot, without lifting it off the ground, around the area he is standing in and put a specific rotation on the ball with every hit. With every return, Tezuka can (presumably, due to deduction) add a new heavy spin to the ball. This technique is one of the very few techniques that the Muga no Kyōchi cannot copy, and also is one of the only techniques to defeat Fuji's triple counters.

Ways to Counter ItEdit

This technique can be broken, however, by these ways:

  • By putting a counterspin to the ball to neutralize the spin (demonstrated by Sengoku Kiyosumi in the anime and by Sanada Genichiro in the manga and OVA)
  • By putting a stronger spin on the ball to break the spin on the ball (demonstrated by Echizen Ryoma in the anime, when both players were using their right hand).
  • By overpowering the spin with sheer power to decrease the range where the ball will be returned demonstrated by Sanada Genichiro.
  • The technique can also be broken by hitting cord balls, thus neutralizing the spin on the ball, as demonstrated by Fuji against Niou's version of the Tezuka Zone.




  • Tezuka Zone is essentially the same as Samurai Zone, the only difference is that users of the Samurai Zone close their eyes while using it whereas Tezuka keeps his open.

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