70 "Tennis vs. Ping Pong"

"Tenisu VS Pinpon" (テニスVSピンポン)

February 19, 2003
During Seigaku's club day, Ryoma participates in Table tennis, while other members of the team participate in various sports as well. He gets challenged by a prodigy ex-ping pong member.
71 "It's a date!"

"Dēto Da!" (デートだ!)

February 26, 2003
An Tachibana asks Momoshiro for a date, but Momoshiro forces Ryoma to join too. Inui was nearby and thought these three were a love triangle and calls almost all the regulars to see this. It turned out to be a tennis date at the street tennis court. Kamio sees Ann and Momo and gets jealous , leading to Fuji mistaking the love triangle 'relationship' to a love square 'relationship' - between Momo, Echizen , Kamio and Ann. At the end, players from different schools play doubles match - Ryoma and Shinji Ibu against Akira Kamio and Momoshiro.
72 "Kaoru becomes Ryoma"

"Kaoru, Ryōma ni Naru" (薫, リョーマになる)

March 5, 2003

Kaido is forced to impersonate Ryoma due to a mistake in a tennis magazine by Shiba, a reporter, and ends up playing a match with Momoshiro. He also earns himself a few fans.

73 "Tezuka's Decision"

"Tezuka no Ketsui" (手塚の決意)

March 12, 2003
Oishi tells everyone to come at midnight for a surprise trip to the mountains. Tezuka later reveals his decision to leave for Germany.
74 "A Message for Echizen"

"Echizen he no Messēji" (越前へのメッセージ)

March 19, 2003
Tezuka challenges Ryoma to another match using his right hand, and successfully uses the right-handed Tezuka Zone against him.
75 "Farewell, Tezuka Kunimitsu"

"Saraba, Tezuka Kunimitsu" (さらば, 手塚国光)

March 26, 2003
Ryoma finally breaks the Tezuka Zone, but still loses in the end. Tezuka leaves for Germany.

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