Terry Griffey
Terry Griffey



Terī Gurifī


Beautiful Warriors (with Tom Griffey)




Father (Deceased)
Mother (Deceased)
Tom Griffey (Older Brother)


American Team

Dominant Arm


Doubles Partner(s)

Tom Griffey

Voice Actor

Itou Maiko (Japanese)

Terry Griffey (テリー・グリフィー, Terī Gurifī) is the younger brother and doubles partner of Tom Griffey on the American Team.


While living with his brother under the strict and often cruel hand of their Aunt, Terry finds a pair of tennis racquets that fuel their shared interest in Tennis. Coach Baker discovered Terry being exploited by his aunt to perform acrobatic stunts for her own profit. This reason made them loyal to Baker and would do anything he says without any hesitation. However, during the doubles match when they were told to lose, they defied his orders and proceeded to win the match, yet to the approval of Baker as he wanted the fans to have more excitement.


He is more calm and soft-spoken than his older brother which usually makes him the voice of reason. He does not like it when people underestimate him, which they do a lot due to his appearance. Despite his looks he can be very fierce in a tennis match. He has an unshakable trust in his older brother.


Terry has long, wavy orange and red hair with bron
  • Terry's incredible acrobtic play.
  • The Griffey brothers talking during a match.
ze eyes. He is also fairly skinned, slender and noticable shorter than his older brother, Tom. He has a very feminine appearence, and is sometimes mistaken to be a girl.

Play Style & TechniquesEdit

Terry favors an acrobatic style of play similar to Kikumaru Eiji of Seigaku.

Trivia Edit

  • His (Unnamed) stats are 80.6, 79.3, and 87.0.
  • Terry is known to be well liked by the female fans because he is often mistaken as a girl due to his beauty and grace.

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