The Prince of Tennis
Season 3, Episode 70
Episode 70
Air date
February 19, 2003
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Tennis vs. Ping Pong is the 70th episode of the Prince of Tennis series. It was first aired on February 19, 2003.


At school, it is club mix up day, where different members of different clubs join in a club that is not their own and compete.

The Golden Pair participate in volleyball and using their doubles skills, they win the volleyball match. Taka-san and Inui play against each other in baseball, while Momoshiro shows his Dunk Smash skills in basketball, and finally Kaidoh uses his boomerang snake in badminton.

Meanwhile, Echizen joins the ping pong club where he meets a boy who is bent on disgracing Echizen by beating him in ping pong. He was formerly a member of the ping pong club and has won consecutive games for ping pong in China, however, he never gets any fame because everyone is busy watching Echizen play tennis, and so he specifically dropped out of the ping pong club a week before just so he could play against Echizen in ping pong and defeat him. At first, he does well, but then Echizen decides to play ping pong "tennis" style.