Tenipuri Song 800 Bun no Only One! -Show-
Release date
14 December 2016
¥1,800 + tax
Complete music list

Contains the best popular songs of "The Prince of Tennis" series selected by fan votes. This edition includes the top 10 of duet songs.


  1. Brand New Days (Chotaro and Shishido)
  2. Pain ~Karamiau no Story~ (Niou and Fuji)
  3. Classmate (Marui and Niou)
  4. Last Phase (Niou and Yagyu)
  5. Aoi Honou (Atsushi Kisarazu and Shinya Yanagisawa)
  6. Spiral (Yushi Oshitari and Gakuto)
  7. Side by Side (Kite and Marui)
  8. Jibun Kakumei (Revolution) (Niou and Yukimura)
  9. Winning Shot (Oshitari Kenya and Zaizen)
  10. Koko de Bokura wa Deatte Shimatta (Fuji and Tezuka)


  • Niou features four times in this album.

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