2016 Tenipuri Festa

The Prince of Tennis Festival 2016 is a festival in honor of the New Prince of Tennis anime, and manga.


There will be three festivals. The first one will be held on October 15 2016. The second and third festival will be held on October 16 2016, one in the late morning and one in the evening.

The first show is called "Show", the second is called "Tick", and the third is called "Vai". Inui, Hirakoba, and Byodoin will be absent during Show; Gin, Ootori, Tanegashima, and Mitsuya will only attend Show. Ryoga will only attend Tick. Ochi and Mouri will only attend Vai.


Regular tickets are ¥7,800 (tax included). Tickets with luxury benefits are ¥13,500 (tax included).


The following are the current confirmed cast:







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  • Oni is the only high schooler attending all three shows.
  • Mitsuya is the only character from the original No.11-No.20 attending one of the shows.
  • Tokugawa, Omagari, Tohno, Kimijima, and Irie were unconfirmed.
    • Omagari will most likely not attend the Festival since he is not scheduled to release a Best of U-17 Players single.
  • Oishi is the only Seigaku regular to be a surprise appearance.
  • Kirihara is the only Rikkaidai regular unconfirmed. He only made a video appearance.
  • Shiraishi is the only captain to be a surprise appearance.
    • He attended the second half of "Vai".
  • As usual, Jiroh will most likely not attend since he never attended the last 3.
  • For the first time, Kenya makes an appearance. However, he dfoes not stay long. He stays just to wish Yushi a happy birthday.
  • Rikkaidai is the only school with the most attendees (7). Everyone except Kirihara will be attending all three shows.
  • The first show, "Show" was held on Yushi's birthday. Hyotei members as well as Kenya Oshitari personally wished him a happy birthday.

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