Tenipuri fest 2009 logo
Prince of Tennis Festival 2009 is held in honor of the completion of the OVA series for the Prince of Tennis franchise.


On 6 September 2009 (Sunday), to commemorate the end of the Tennis no Oujisama OVA Nationals series, the "Tenipuri Festa 2009" will be held at Ariake Colosseum & its event hall.

Title: Tenipuri Festa 2009
Date: 6 September 2009 (Sunday)
Afternoon performance: 11:00 (Venue open for entry) 12:00 (Start of performance)
Evening performance: 17:00 (Venue open for entry) 18:00 (Start of performance)
Venue: Ariake Colosseum & Event Hall
Cast: Konomi Takeshi and 32 anime seiyuus (as confirmed on 6 July)
Tickets go on sale from: 18 July (Saturday)
Preorder sales period: 18 July to 26 July
Announcement of allotment: 29 July 3pm onwards
Price: 5000 yen (inclusive of tax)


Like all other Prince of Tennis/Tenipuri events there is always some sort of merchandise being sold at them. Here is the list of official merchandise which can be bought at the Tenipuri Festa 2009:

1) Pamphlet - 1,500 yen
2) Original T-shirt / Comes in 2 colours i.e. white and blue - 2,000 yen
3) Tenipuri Festa Poster / 3 pieces in a set - 1,200 yen
4) Towel / 5 designs for each school i.e. Seigaku, Rikkaidai, Hyotei, Shitenhouji and Higa - 1,200 yen
5) Penlight / 5 different colours for each school in a set - 1,000 yen
6) Opera Glass - 600 yen


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