Tannhauser Serve

Tannhauser serve Atobe

Shot Type

An advanced serve that when performed correctly, the technique does not allow the ball to bounce and makes the ball spin rapidly down the court, thus rendering it almost impossible to return. While no flaw is stated in the manga, in the anime, its flaw lies in that it places tremendous strain on the server's arm and shoulder. Atobe must exert enormous force in order for the move to come out correctly, thus he is slowly worn down during his serve due to the amount of spin and force required to hit this technique.

Ways to Counter ItEdit

  • In the Nationals, Atobe is able to return his own Tannhauser Serve when Ryoma copied it in Muga no Kyochi by using a high-level topspin rising shot using a footwork technique known as the Front Foot Hop.




  • Tannhauser is the subject of a German legend as well as one of Wagner's lesser known operas.

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