The Prince of Tennis
Season Another Story 2, Episode 2
Tanjou buchou shiraishi
Air date
August 26, 2011
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Seishun Gakuen Nanafushigi

Kyuushuu Niyoku

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Tanjou! Buchou Shiraishi Kuranosuke is the 2nd episode of Another Story 2 ~The Times We Shared~ (Ano Toki no Bokura). It aired on August 26 2011 in Japan.


Shiraishi becomes the captain of Shitenhoji Tennis Club. In order to maintain the club, the members have to invite a new member. They try to attract Zaizen's attention by showing him jokes but Zaizen passes them off.


The story of Shiraishi and the Shitenhōji tennis club. Shitenhōji is known for their laughs and gags but underneath it all is a true drive to not just make the top four but to win Nationals. At the morning assembly Shiraishi notices that everyone is laughing at the Principal's joke, except for Zaizen.

Later a meeting is called by the Shitenhōji coach, who tells the boys that there are no new recruits for the tennis team this year. Due to a clause put in by the school, no new recruits means that they can't enter any competitions. There is one student in the entire school who hasn't joined a club yet, Zaizen. So the Regulars begin to stalk him.

Everyone does there best to make him laugh, but no one suceeds. Then the vice-captain Kenjirō Koishikawa tries, Zaizen still doesn't laugh but agrees to come to the tennis practice telling them all they had to do was ask. The team tries to help him but he just brushes them off saying he knows what to do already.

Zaizen's skills are amazing even if his personality seems lacking, he even admits later that he doesn't understand humor or why they try to make people laugh. The Shitenhōji regulars tell him their motto is, "The one who laughs first, wins." He still doesn't get it and says that the only reason he enrolled at Shitenhōji is because it was close, and if he'd known what kind of school it was he would've chosen a different one.

Shiraishi thinks over his words and remembers a conversation he heard earlier, he then helps Kenya to solve his accuracy issue. Shiraishi then apologizes saying he forced everyone to copy his 'textbook tennis' and dragged them down, he tells them to make their own style of tennis with their own talents.

He asks Zaizen to join them and they resume playing where Shiraishi unveils a new move, the team compliments him on it and for the first time we hear Shiraishi's famous line "Ahh Ecstasy!" which causes everyone, even Zaizen, to laugh. Soon the tennis team has plenty of new recruits and we finally meet Gin who is back from training.