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Tango Pair is the name coined by fans to describe a possible romantic relationship between Sanada and Atobe. This is named after the tennis move "Tango Towards Destruction" and also the possiblity that the two of them met at a tango concert.


  • They both met at a tango concert.
  • They both have a passion for defeating Tezuka, whom they both call one of their rivals.
  • They both play reasonably well as a doubles pair.
  • Some of the practice matches seen in the anime are between Atobe and Sanada. Examples include: When Atobe was perfecting World of Ice, he used Sanada as his training partner; Sanada and Atobe had a practice match during the Kanto Junior Selection Camp; and in the OVA episode Jiroh's Awakening, Sanada and Atobe have another practice match when a practice match between Hyotei and Rikkaidai were organised.

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