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The TUBE U-17 World Cup Team is a participating country in the U-17 World Cup.


They are a young country, recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. Ralph Reinhardt, the captain of the USA team, has mentioned that despite being young, they are a veteran tennis country.

They are ranked as the No.32 Country in the U-17 World Cup Ranking.


High SchoolersEdit

Middle SchoolersEdit

Tennis RecordEdit

Pre-World Cup Exhibition MatchEdit

Type of Match Doubles Pair Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 1 M. Nobtail/M. Halharter Ryoma Echizen/Oliver Philips Lose (5-7)
Doubles 2 Unknown Unknown Presumably lost
Doubles 3 Unknown Unknown Presumably lost

Group League Round RobinEdit

Type of Match Doubles Pair Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 2 Unknown Unknown Lost (0-6)
Doubles 1 Unknown Unknown Lost (0-6)
Singles 3 Unknown Unknown Lost (0-6)


  • This is actually made up by Takeshi Konomi. He wanted to honor the band.
    • TUBE is a real life 4-person band, also celebrating their 30th anniversary.
  • They speak a made up language.

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