The Switzerland U-17 World Cup Team is a team participating in the U-17 World Cup.


QP has described the Swiss team to be extremely talented and is No.1 in overall strength. They pose the biggest threat to Germany's chance of winning the 9th U-17 World Cup in a row.

With Amadeus as their charismatic captain, the team consists of tennis players bursting with talent.

They are ranked as 2nd in the U-17 World Cup Ranking.


Tennis Record

Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match

The data masters, Renji and Inui, mentioned that they won all their matches without dropping a single game. All three matches ended up in 6-0.

Group League

vs Australia

It has been implied that Australia defeated them 2-3.

vs Greece

They defeated Greece without losing a match, 3-0.

vs Japan

Type of Match Player(s) Opponent(s) Score
Doubles 2 Henri Nobel III/Peter Ranbiell Eishirō Kite/Ryūji Ōmagari Won (6-3)
Doubles 1 Albert Federer/Randy Pugu Gin Ishida/Duke Watanabe Won (6-1)
Singles 3 Amadeus Jin Akutsu Won (6-1)

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