Surprise at Camp is the 108th episode of the original Prince of Tennis. It originally aired on the 12th Novmeber 2003.


A "bear" intrudes upon the training camp, and it's up to the regulars to defeat it and save the hostages. After using a combination of their moves, the "bear" is revealed to be a burglar who has been breaking into the areas' homes.


Seigaku is training hard for their matches against Rikkaidai still. They are sprinting, climbing ropes, chopping logs, and even jumping onto logs with heavy bags of sand. They are working hard to close the gap between their abilities and those of Rikkaidai. After jogging back to the tennis courts they are allowed to use their rackets and they are shown the fruits of their labor because their rackets seem lighter.

They keep practicing but there are rumours of a bear going around town which unsettles the freshmen who are working in the kitchen. Sakuno heads out to the shed for more cabbage but she doesnt come back. Horio is sent after her but he doesnt return either. Both Katsuo and Kachiro go in too but they dont come back either so something is definitely wrong!

Finally Tomo heads in herself but she realizes that all four of them are stuck in a shed with a bear! Tomo rushes to the regulars and alerts them of the danger. The regulars do what they can which means use their tennis to get the bear out. Eventually it's Ryoma's turn to use his twist serve. He succeeds and gets the bear to pass out. By this time they figure out that the bear is actually a robber in disguise. Everyone returns without too much harm. And Sakuno is especially greatful to Ryoma and tries to thank him but Eiji and Momo rain on her parade with confusing chirps of being young.

New Characters

  • Bear robber (not much importance in the series)